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Nexus Credo DDM Review

After putting extensive hours in with the Nexus Standard MP V2 I decided that I wanted to purchase another Nexus machine. After hearing that the Standard MP V3 was near completion I put my preorder in immediately, the V3 is going to be a very special detector and when I eventually receive it I will be putting as much information out about it as possible. To pacify my desire for another Nexus model I decided to order the Credo DDM, this might be the cheapest of the Nexus range but you are still getting an exceptional detector for the money. The Credo may be the little brother of both the MK2 and MP V2, but it's still super deep and the DDM discrimination is spot on. One of the mains aspects that drew me towards it was the variable recovery speed, my plan was to initially use the Credo with a fast recovery on the new areas I hunt that contain a lot of shallow non-ferrous targets, setting the Credo up like this will allow me to work faster. When it's set on a fast recovery it'

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