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Why Did I Buy A RED Heat MK 2 In 2024?

What if I said I didn't buy it for the supposed performance, we live in a mass-produced world and because of this vast amounts of society have a 'mass-produced' state of mind. People rush in to buying the next best thing and if it doesn't live up to their expectations,  because the marketing hype is so over the top, then it's sold off to help fund buying the new next best thing. I've written about the lack of individuality and character in the age that we live in and nothing displays this more than all the machines being manufactured by the leading companies, they're soulless pieces of plastic that are designed for maximum profit over performance.  When I look for metal detectors to purchase I'm not looking at the mainstream, I'm looking elsewhere for individual machines that have something unique about them. These detectors don't have to be the best, in my mind, there is no best, "the best" is what you enjoy swinging the most, for me

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